Meteorite Over Mississauga?

Tonight I forgot my skates at home for my hockey game in Burlington. After discovering that at the rink I started to drive home Eastbound on the 403/QEW just before the Kerr Pontiac dealership. I noticed a ball of light with a tail falling out of the sky down to the earth directly in front of me some time before 8:57pm – according to my vehicles clock.

It wasn’t very big — distance would have been a factor in estimating size and speed — but the tail was pretty long and it extinguished itself about 10 to 20 seconds before I estimated it should have impacted the ground. I was able to stare slack jawed at it for about 5 seconds after noticing it out my wind shield until it went out.

I have no idea what it could have been, but the trajectory was definitely downwards towards the earth but it wasn’t directly down, it had a really large smooth arc towards the north side of the highway. I’m guessing it could have been a firework, some debris from space. I have no idea. And I also don’t know where to report something like this. Maybe I imagined the whole thing.

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  1. Baron Says:

    Well, there is a meteor shower happening tonight… And it is happening to the East. Best time to be outside is apparently 4am. So don’t be surprised if what you saw was a scout meteorite checking out the route…

  2. Dave Sinclair Says:

    Hi , I am a go transit bus driver . I leave meadowvale station at 12:50 am going to streetsville go station . As I was travelling eastbound on mill creek drive . I absolutely witnessed the same event. It appeared to be a meteorite , which split and burn up exactly as you described . I had a passenger on bus beside me . We as well, had our jaws on the floor as we watched . Just thought I would confirm your sighting … Cheers

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