Changing Seasons

I had a really good weekend knocking things off my to-do list around the house.

  1. Replaced batteries in smoke detectors, thermostat and the living room clock
  2. Pulled the tomatoes and herbs at the side of the house. Frost got most of them except the parsley.
  3. Planted garlic
  4. Cut the grass for the last time – changed the oil in the mower and put it to bed for the winter with the weed eater
  5. Washed the car
  6. Point trowelled some mortar in where it has washed away from the brick pedestal and set the cap stone again
  7. Woke up the neighbours snow blower from a long summer sleep.

The snow blower was in pretty good shape for sitting outside for the summer. I re-lubed the inner gears/drive selector since it has been rusting up for a while now. Cleaned the spark plug and shot a bit of WD-40 into the cylinder. I tried starting it up with the old gas in but the blower ran really choppy. It seemed like it would run for the bowl of fuel primed but then would stall out when it tried to pull from the tank. A quick drain and fill of fresh fuel and she started right up and ran strong without the choke. Changed the oil once it heated up. Didn’t see any white milky water in the oil this time which is very good.

Still to do some time this week includes the front flower bed clean up, rear tree garden raking out the leaves, hanging the Christmas lights and snow tires on both vehicles before the snow starts falling.

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