New Nailers!

I picked up my new Hitachi nailers on Sunday night visiting my parents down in Niagara.

On the way home from work tonight I picked up some 23 gauge pins from Home Depot – the maximum length is 1 3/8″ for this tool. I already had a pack of DA style finishing nails from Canadian Tire. The Mastercraft 35° nails come in a 1000 pack and work even though the tool specifies 34°. Otherwise you’ll have to special order Senco packs of 700 or 4000 – I think crispair has some too.

After dinner I tested out the new nailers – here they are a 23 gauge NP35A pin nailer and a 15 gauge NT65MA4 finishing nailer:

My new nailers

The finishing nailer has a directional exhaust on the back of the driver head chamber. There is a little button below it that allows you to use the exhaust as a debris blower. At first I thought it was a kind of quirky feature but the more reviews I read the more people really love it. Just be ready in case you bump into the button you’ll get a blast of air that might startle you.

I oiled them up and shot a bunch of pins and nails to get a feel for them. The pin nailer you barely know a pin has been shot and it easily buries the head of the pin in a pine 2×4 at 90psi. I had to turn the pressure down to 80psi for the finishing nailer as it was burying the head too deep in the wood. The image below – it’s not a great photo – but you’ll see 3 nails from my arsenal of tools. From left to right these are my nail gun gauges: 23ga, 18ga, 15ga.

23ga, 18ga, 15ga nails starting from the orange tip working right

All that is left is a full round head framing nailer – but those are really expensive and I just wouldn’t use it enough to justify it. Yet… That first shed/fence/basement renovation will be excuse enough to have to get one.

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