Amsoil Dealer

I signed up to become an AMSOIL dealer last week. For those that don’t know they make synthetic oils, greases and fuel additives. The company is very popular in powersports (motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats) and racing – but make products for your regular every day driver too.

I’m going to end up taking most of my repair/maintenance posts to that new blog. Not much to see on there now but you can check out the AMSOIL product lines.

If you are interested in some quality products for your engines/toys get in touch with me.
I can definitely do better on price and product line availability compared to the big box retailers in Mississauga. If you’re local I can cut down on shipping costs by picking up the products at the distribution centre.

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  1. Vadimus Says:

    What do you recommend for Outlander 5w20 Signature or XL?

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