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Christmas Eve Snowshoeing

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Lauren and I always spend Christmas Eve dinner with her father and his family. It is the starting point for our winter trip around Lake Ontario for family visits. We have stops in Toronto for brunch and Niagara for dinner on Christmas day.

We both had the day off this year so we did some snowshoeing in the Durham Regional Forest north of Whitby. It was a nice little trek to prepare us for the Christmas eve feast.

The main trail is a well marked double track walking/skiing path. It just helps if you take some time to read the posted maps correctly. There are some interesting side trails you can take as well but you’ll have to crouch and bend your way through evergreens loaded with snow drooping all around you. The main path is very well maintained though and you’ll have no problems there.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2010

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Lo and I did lots of hiking between family dinners and re-caulking the side door. We went up to Kelso Conservation Area to walk the edge of the escarpment looking at the leaves changing. Looks like we got there just in time as they have really nice colours. This part of the trail happens to be part of the Bruce Trail.

Then we packed up and took off with Chris and Denise to The Cheltenham “Badlands” north of Brampton. So many people and kids rolling around in the red clay dirt. Quite a few covered head to toe in red dust. Kind of PEI like. ;)

Photos from the weekend. If there are trees it’s from Kelso, red dirt is from the badlands.

Go North!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

We headed north to a resort in Horseshoe Valley this past weekend with Kevin and Heather to check out the colours of the fall season. It was a nice little weekend away.

There are tonnes of activities to do up there but we ended up doing some mountain biking at Hardwood hills and a few hikes on trails found in the local area on the Ontario Trails Council website.

We did a nice easy walk through Copeland Forest which was a bit later into the day after mountain biking. Since it is wild turkey season we made sure to be out of there before dusk. The next day after checking out of the resort we got lost trying to find the trailhead for the Barrie section of the Ganaraska Trail. We eventually found it thanks to Kevin’s blackberry and a helpful dog walker who pointed us up the road a bit more.

The treetop course was all booked up for the weekend. Next time we’ll have to call ahead a few more days in advance to book a spot.

I’m glad I put the mud guards on my Outlander. We took some awesome gravel back roads along some country lines and the hills out there are pretty challenging for any vehicle loaded down with 4 adults and all their stuff. The guards really helped keep the gravel from messing up the paint along the side of the vehicle.

Real maple syrup from Sugar Sweet Farms which is run by Brian Lempriere made it all worth while getting lost and having a fun drive in squares.

Photos of the weekend.

Happy Earth Day

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

We did a walkabout cleanup on Tuesday at work that picked up about 8 large bags of trash from around the grounds.

This weekend Lo and I are going out to Halton Hills to do some tree planting on the Bruce Trail on Saturday. A fun little hike with a work party attached to it.

Short Hills Provincal Park

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Lo and I loaded up for a winter walk through the Short Hills provincial park. We had a full trunk of snow shoes, poles, coats and all sorts of fun clothing layers, cooking gear and a single burner stove (for hot chocolate after of course!). Our TomTom GPS had the main parking lot off of Pelham Road as a POI (update form the Internet) near Pelham.

When we got to the parking lot a few couples were making their way out. We said hello and I asked how the trails were and if we’d need our snow shoes. We were informed the trails were pretty well packed and easily passable so we left the shoes in the trunk. There were only a few spots where I wished I had put on my gators as the snow hugged my upper ankles but other than that hiking boots were fine. We came across a few people using snow shoes – either for fun or for the metal treads to help with some of the climbs and descents.

I chose to do hike Number 6: Terrace Creek Trail. There are blue 6’s painted on trees through out the hike and while it is mostly well marked there were a few spots where I wished I had a compass to go with our little map. The hike loop is just under 5k but it felt like 10. Lots of hills and it did actually take us 2 hours as advertised. I don’t think the distance included getting to the loop from the parking lot. The final hill to get up to the parking lot feels a lot steeper than it looks going down.

After hiking we had some hot chocolate and then went to my Parents for dinner. Niagara has easily 8-12 inches of snow where South of St. Catharines – where we were – is only 4-6 inches I’d say. Mississauga is of course barely trace amounts maybe 1-2 inches.

We have some pictures but I need to find the cable for my new camera. My laptop doesn’t have an XD card reader.
Edit: Photos are posted here.