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Mitsubishi Guinness World Records

Friday, February 18th, 2011

I saw this on the forum I lurk in for my Outlander. The 2011 vehicles with the SAWC – which my 2009 doesn’t have – were put to the test up at Ghost Lake in Alberta. The 2009 only has the AWC which transfers power from front to rear. The SAWC can also transfer power left and right on the front wheels instead of relying on the computer to use the ABS to stop wheel spin.

Some of the records seem kind of silly, I would have liked to have seen the 0-100 km/h time of the vehicle on ice but I guess it didn’t break the record. The figure 8 and slalom would be fun to drive though.

Mitsubishi Guinness Records Page

I’ll post links to the individual youTube movies here later.

Winter Tire Day

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

The Vibe and Outlander got their winter tires rotated on today from the basement.

It’s so much faster in a garage with a lift and all four corners off the ground. Using the scissor jack and cranking them up one at a time sure does slow things down. The lock nuts on my rims were on way tighter than the lugs. The electric impact gun couldn’t get them off so I had to go and get the 2′ breaker bar and break them by hand. All the brake pads look good. I didn’t get into the drums on the Vibe – they should probably be looked at for Lauren’s next oil change. I have a feeling her drums are going to be my next job.

Canadian Tire just recently had a tool commercial with this Stanley FatMax impact gun connected to a dinky recoil spring air hose. I was about to get upset that they were misleading people that they could use their crappy little portable compressor with such a tool but according to the spec’s it looks like it should work with my compressor. Needs 3.3 CFM@90PSI mine puts out 4.1.

It is listed at $170 and out of stock for something I already have an electric tool for. Kind of hard to justify the purchase even if it means one less thing to lug upstairs.

Go North!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

We headed north to a resort in Horseshoe Valley this past weekend with Kevin and Heather to check out the colours of the fall season. It was a nice little weekend away.

There are tonnes of activities to do up there but we ended up doing some mountain biking at Hardwood hills and a few hikes on trails found in the local area on the Ontario Trails Council website.

We did a nice easy walk through Copeland Forest which was a bit later into the day after mountain biking. Since it is wild turkey season we made sure to be out of there before dusk. The next day after checking out of the resort we got lost trying to find the trailhead for the Barrie section of the Ganaraska Trail. We eventually found it thanks to Kevin’s blackberry and a helpful dog walker who pointed us up the road a bit more.

The treetop course was all booked up for the weekend. Next time we’ll have to call ahead a few more days in advance to book a spot.

I’m glad I put the mud guards on my Outlander. We took some awesome gravel back roads along some country lines and the hills out there are pretty challenging for any vehicle loaded down with 4 adults and all their stuff. The guards really helped keep the gravel from messing up the paint along the side of the vehicle.

Real maple syrup from Sugar Sweet Farms which is run by Brian Lempriere made it all worth while getting lost and having a fun drive in squares.

Photos of the weekend.

Mitsubishi Outlander Parts

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I stopped by Dixie Mitsubishi to see the parts department. Picked up a oil filter (MZ690072) and engine air filter (1500A023 – aka Element Air Cleaner) for my 24,000km service. I also bought a set of mud guards (MZ380525EX) for the coming winter that I’ll have to install in the fall once I can find some primer/adhesion promoter. The parts department also had a rubber WeatherTech trunk liner on the shelf – which I have been eyeing forever — with a slight discount since it was out of the box. These liners/mats never go on sale so I scooped it up.

I thought the oil filter looked really similar to the Pontiac Vibe’s shape and size. So I grabbed the oil wrench and sure enough it fit nicely on the end of the Mitsu oil filter. That’s awesome, one less tool to buy now.

Turned out to be a rather expensive visit. ;)

Outlander AWC

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The owners manual talks a bit about the AWC of the second generation Mitsubishi Outlander. While the owners manual is good for the average user to choose a mode it doesn’t help you fill in the data of what the car is actually doing in those modes. This wikipedia post talks about about how the car achieves the different goals of the driving modes.