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Brakes And A New Stick

Saturday, December 3rd, 2005

I had a ticking noise in my breaks when they were applied heavily. The tick frequency was linked to the rpm’s of the wheel so I figured it was the breaks or the suspension on the back. Ron – who has kindly taken me under his wing and is showing me things I could never learn on my own about cars – tossed it up in his garage and first we looked at the muffler. It is attached to the underbody with a bracket and rubber gasket which is supposed to allow for vibrations. Ron added a pin on the end to make sure the rubber gasket couldn’t vibrate off. It could have been making the noise, but wasn’t.

Next we pulled off the back wheels and looked inside the drum breaks. The wear patterns on the left rear wheel were even in the centre of the curved pads – about 1″ not making contact above and below the pads. The right rear drum was making contact at the very top of the pads and had about an inch and a half of untouched pads at the bottom. Ron suggested the drums might not be perfectly round so we swapped the left and right drums in the back and now the ticking is gone! I’ll have to see what the new wear patterns are in a few weeks if the ticking starts up again.

For Christmas my parents bought me an Easton composite one-piece hockey stick. This is one present that is going to get used well before December 25th since I broke my stick last week. The experiment now is to see if I am able to amortize the $80 investment over the life of four $20 hockey sticks. I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out depreciation and the cost of breaking in 4 new sticks instead of just one. Of course if it snaps within a year that was a bad investment. You can assume 2 hockey sticks per year.

October is Sports Month

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005

Tonight the NHL season of 2005-06 starts, finally! It should be really interesting with the new salary cap and the huge migrations of players around the league. I’m fired up to watch hockey again. But I wonder if the rest of the world is.

Mr. October started walking around the ball parks last night. Mostly blow out games pretty much across the board, but for such a slow sport October makes baseball that much better. The best part is that it will only become even more exciting on the road to the World Series.